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In recent years we have found a popular addition to our container gardening section is the F1 Tumbler Tomato (ideally suited to outside growing conditions).  This variety is grown in the nursery for the customer, until the initial fruit is on the vine, ready for collection around May. This variety provides an abundance of small cherry tomatoes throughout the season.

For the home grower enthusiast we stock a range of other tomato varieties including the popular Alicante, Ailsa Craig & Gardener's Delight.  We also stock a few vegetable transplants e.g. parsley, celery, leeks etc.

In recent years we have added a range of popular shrubs, small trees and perennials - grown in various pot sizes - a selection of these can be viewed in our gallery.

When your order is taken you will be given a collection date, followed by a phone call when order is ready. We would appreciate prompt collection - normally within 2/3 days.  Your co-operation would be greatly appreciated with this request.

Just like all plant nurseries we are inspected on a regular basis by the Ministry of Agriculture to ensure we comply with required regulations.

One of the main stores we supply is IslandBawn.co.uk where my nephew Paul Kirkpatrick has a range of our container plants including a selection of shrubs grown in 3 lt. pots.